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Asimina Mitrakou MD

Treasurer JDRF Greece

Dear all

 thanks to Annabelle and the great support of all people of SEGAS (from the coordinators to the volunteers ) we made our dream come true : kids with type 1 diabetes run a marathon ,run for their lives!!  to raise awareness about the growing incidence of type 1 diabetes among today’s youth, and help the Care Cure Science Foundation and the Kids Chain for Diabetes, and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF) celebrate the advent of World Diabetes Day on November 14
I was impressed by the cooperation of the kids of all ages, their excitement and their team spirit. Kids who did not make it because of limitation in time and number of participants really regretted it and they are looking forward to the next marathon!!
From my part I have to congratulate Sofia Maneas ,the young girl with type 1 diabetes who coordinated the Geek kids under the superb guidance of George Doussios. I feel grateful to  Professor Christos Bartsokas,Honorary president of JDRF-Hellas, who donated the ambulance following the kids during the whole marathon and Dr Andriani Vazaiou who was taking care of them.
I feel honored being a member of the JDRF Hellas team who helped me experience this great event!!
Annabelle , we will keep up this great spirit .I will have our kids get in touch with your lovely kids as soon as we have the pictures of the chains ready.
To our next successful event
Treasurer JDRF Hellas

Makis Asimakopoulos, Ph.D.

Coordinating Consultant Athens Classic.


Dear Annabelle, Dear Ms. Mitrakou,

Upon the completion of this year’s event, the best ever Athens Classic Marathon in terms of participation numbers, sport records, runners service quality, special events, educational and social awareness programs, I would like to thank you for helping us to make the difference this year.

Everybody knows that this initiative has your name ANNABELLE. You deserve most of the credit out of this project! But as always in life, it takes more than one to dance! So, you have found a great partner here in Greece , Ms. Mitrakou! Without her the Greek kids would not be in it and then many others would not be in it, etc., etc., etc……

Both of you have projected so much vision, persistence in, determination and social sensitivity that made it impossible for us not to follow. Congratulations and thanks to you, to the kids who believed in it and made it a reality, to their parents, to the supporting staff/volunteers and of course to the kind sponsors of this relay.

From our side, from SEGAS, that would not be possible without George Doussis to take it all on him and his team!  He was great and the most valuable player from our side. Bravo Yorgo! Dimitris Gargalianos has been a volunteer all of his life. Thank you Dimitris!  

We have also been working with Maria Laladaki from Travel Plan for almost 18 months mow. She has never let us down. In the difficult business and travel world, she is working in along with Ms. Spyrou, she found the way to keep the project alive from her side. Thank you Maria and Travel Plan team!  

Last, but not least, Ms. Angela Nikoli from Pfizer Hellas s.a., representing the best possible way her kind company, was the key person for the completion of the kind sponsorship by Pfizer Hellas s.a. Very special thanks to you and you company Ms. Nikoli!  

I know that there more people in this and I would like to thank all of them for this great initiative and success.  

Always at your disposal,

Professor Stuart Brink,

President, International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD)

Neuwsbericht 5 november 2007

Congratulations from the ISPAD President's office.  Job well done with fantastic enthusiasm and hopefully worldwide messaging about the importance of paying attention to children and adolescents with diabetes all around the world in anticipation of the upcoming Unite for Diabetes campaign and the first-ever World Diabetes Day. Special thanks and kudos to Dr Annabelle Slingerland whose inspiration and enthusiasm for this project made it happen in conjunction with all the assistance from Holland and Greece. 


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